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When your antivirus fails to protect your computer from every harmful program or file and you start having serious problems with files or processes, the best option is to do a complete scan with a good tool. herdProtect is a great solution, since it performs an intensive search with over 60 tools designed to actively fight malware.

This program is incredibly easy to use. In fact, there's only one button, which activates the scan, and once you've clicked on it, all you have to do is wait for the scan to finish. You don't even have to select specific locations for the application to search because the only option is to analyze the entire computer. That way you'll know that every last folder has been checked.

Keep in mind that this tool does not remove the viruses and contaminated items. It does, however, provide detailed results for everything that has been infected so you can choose whether or not to delete them yourself. If you click on each result, you can see its exact location and a list of options to help you get rid of it.

If you already have an antivirus software installed in addition to HerdProtect, you can remove files directly without additional downloads. HerdProtect is a great option if you're having problems but your system has not yet detected an infection.
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